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Camp Quality New Zealand

Registration details

June 30

Address for service

PO Box 20430
1 Dulcie Place

Charity's other details

03 359 6191

Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

Camp Quality was formed over 30 years ago with the objective of bringing fun, hope and happiness to children (aged 5-16 years) living with cancer. We deliver high quality recreational activities and camps at no cost to their families. Our programmes are designed to build resilience in the children by creating opportunities for them to learn to live, laugh and enjoy being children in a positive, safe and stress free environment. Our camps require a significant number of volunteers so that each child is fully supported by a personal companion. Volunteers are aged 18 and over and are trained to ensure that we can deliver only the highest standards of safety and ethical behaviour. We passionately believe in the power of fun to help the children and their families overcome the challenges that cancer brings. No one can do anything about the quantity of anyone’s life but we can do something about the quality.

Note: The main sectors, activities and beneficiaries are bolded.

Provides services (e.g. care / counselling)

Provides advice / information / advocacy, Provides human resources (e.g. staff / volunteers)


Social services, Sport / recreation, People with disabilities

Children / young people

Family / whanau

Entity Structure

Our services are provided thanks to over 750 volunteers who help out every year. Camp Quality is governed by a national Board, and managed throughout the country by five enthusiastic regional teams who run the programmes. The regional teams are headed by a Regional Manager and a support team which includes both medical and health & safety staff. All of these roles are filled on a voluntary basis, but in accordance with strict protocols set at a national level.

Annual Returns


This charity has been granted an exemption from filing an annual return by 31 December 2008 under Section 43 of the Charities Act 2005. The first annual return is due by 31 December 2009.

Date Submitted For Year Ended Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements View Summary (.pdf <1MB)
- 30/06/2017 - - - -
26/12/2016 30/06/2016 $898,247 $999,042
20/12/2015 30/06/2015 $1,045,445 $922,467
22/12/2014 30/06/2014 $649,166 $568,538
31/12/2013 30/06/2013 $639,340 $557,345
24/12/2012 30/06/2012 $582,717 $576,830
25/11/2011 30/06/2011 $694,808 $627,096
11/01/2010 30/06/2010 $622,825 $516,713
- 30/06/2009 - - - -

Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Paula Caroline Daye Board Trustee 1/08/2017
Ronald Keith Woolerton Board Trustee 8/05/2017
Vitale Joseph Fatutoa Lafaele Board Trustee 8/05/2017
Bryan David Connor Regional Trustee 1/07/2016
Robyn Barbara Burke Deputy Chair 1/07/2014
Anthony John Clifford Regional Trustee 1/07/2012
Jacqueline Muriel Neilson Independent Trustee 15/10/2010
Wayne Collie Chairman 18/09/2008

Past Officers

Officer Name Position Past Since
Mark Roland Winger Independent Trustee 16/10/2016
John Gavin Fleming Independent Trustee 30/06/2016
Thomas MacDonald Regional Trustee 30/06/2016
Paula Caroline Daye Trustee 1/06/2016
Colin William Buckwell Regional Trustee 17/05/2015
Gary Bertram Troup Trustee 17/05/2015
John Leonard Green Independent Trustee 17/05/2015
John Russell Wyatt Trustee 17/05/2015
Bryan David Connor Regional Trustee/Treasurer 19/10/2014
Jon David Hunter Regional Trustee 30/06/2014

Charity Updates

Here is a list of all the details changed by the charity, for example adding or removing officers, amending rules, changing balance dates or updating address details.
Date Created Reference View Summary (.pdf <1MB)
31/07/2014 NOC011
13/12/2012 AR006
28/09/2012 NOC006
19/04/2012 NOC005
25/11/2011 AR005
18/11/2010 AR004
11/01/2010 AR003
25/08/2009 NOC004
7/04/2009 NOC003
15/07/2008 NOC002

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