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Charity Details

Child Poverty Action Group Incorporated

Registration details

March 31

Address for service

PO Box 5611
Wellesley Street
23 Union Street
Auckland Central

Charity's other details

(09) 302 5260

Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

The primary charitable purpose is to research the causes and consequences of child poverty in NZ. It publishes its research and provides evidence about effects of poverty on children and their families. In turn it informs the public, policy makers, media and politicians of evidence-based policy choices to eliminate child poverty. CPAG also provides a strong, independent voice for New Zealand children by harnessing expertise, to work towards achieving this goal and reduce child poverty to less than 5% based on 60% median income measure after housing costs) by 2025.

Note: The main sectors, activities and beneficiaries are bolded.

Provides advice / information / advocacy

Sponsors / undertakes research, Acts as an umbrella / resource body, Provides human resources (e.g. staff / volunteers)

Education / training / research

Accommodation / housing, Health, Community development, Social services, Employment, Economic development, Fund-raising, Child Poverty

Children / young people

Other charities, Voluntary bodies other than charities, Older people, People with disabilities, People of a certain ethnic / racial origin, General public, Family / whanau, Migrants / refugees, Religious groups

Entity Structure

CPAG is made up of 11 elected Management Committee members and 6 co-opted Management Committee members. There are 2 Co-Convenors who share this role. There is one full time staff Executive Officer, on part-time Communications Advisor and one part-time office assist. The Management Committee decides the direction of the organisation as well as making any financial decisions based on furthering or carrying our the objectives of the organisation, including the employment of such persons when needed

Annual Returns

Annual Returns are due within 6 months of a charity’s balance date (financial year-end), or a longer period if an extension has been granted.

Due Date Date Submitted Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements Annual Return Summary
30/09/2020 - - - - To be filed
30/09/2019 16/08/2019 $273,731 $251,958
30/09/2018 13/09/2018 $254,691 $194,864
30/09/2017 21/09/2017 $190,829 $171,921
30/09/2016 23/09/2016 $211,677 $175,426
30/09/2015 29/09/2015 $182,031 $205,052
30/09/2014 29/09/2014 $175,714 $235,880
30/09/2013 30/09/2013 $191,990 $106,854
30/09/2012 23/10/2012 $156,963 $118,298
30/09/2011 30/08/2011 $132,361 $69,615

Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Sakthy Wijeyesinghe Management Committee Member 16/08/2019
Georgina Craw Executive Officer 17/06/2019
Michael Quirke Convenor 25/07/2018
Talavao Ngata Management committee member 25/07/2018
JENNIFER BRAITHWAITE Management committee member 14/09/2016
Jeni Cartwright Communications Officer 22/02/2016
Francis Hogan Management committee member 13/08/2014
George Makapatama Management committee member 30/07/2014
John O'Neill Co-opted management committee member 30/07/2014
Helen Bull Treasurer 1/08/2011

Past Officers

Officer Name Position Past Since
Gerry Cotterell Co-opted Management Committee Member 11/09/2019
Susan St John co-opted management Committee member 11/09/2019
Jessica Suri Management committee member 24/07/2019
Celia Hayes Executive Officer 17/06/2019
Frances Everard Co-opted Management committee member 25/07/2018
Chloe Humphrey Co-opted member 19/07/2017
Michael Timmins Co-opted member 31/03/2017
Claire Dale board member 2/12/2015
Gillian Roach board member 10/09/2015
Heather Wright Co-opted Member 29/07/2015

Charity Updates

Here is a list of all the details changed by the charity, for example adding or removing officers, amending rules, changing balance dates or updating address details.
Date Created Reference View Summary (.pdf <1MB)
2/10/2019 NOC018
20/08/2019 NOC017
8/08/2019 NOC015
4/07/2019 NOC014
20/12/2016 NOC011
29/09/2014 NOC009
30/09/2013 NOC005
30/09/2013 AR006
4/09/2012 NOC004
30/08/2011 NOC003

Charity Documents